We offer assistance with:

  • Developing and maintaining company-wide Form I-9 employment verification plans and policies, including the use of E-Verify and electronic I-9 record keeping
  • Training human resources in proper Form I-9 compliance procedures and best practices for employment verification
  • Conducting internal Form I-9 self-audits, which include reviewing current I-9 employment verification practices and policies, inspecting current I-9 records for errors, recommending steps for remediation, and establishing new practices for good faith compliance
  • Preparing Form I-9 documentation for audits from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and/or responding to Notices of Inspection (NOI), Notice of Intent to Fine (NIF) and subsequent proceedings if violations are found
  • Negotiating settlement penalties arising from failure to comply with Form I-9 verification procedures
  • Conducting third-party independent audits pursuant to an agreement between employers, contractors and sub-contractors